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Best knife for cutting meat

best knife for cutting meat, meat blade is cutting dried meat

The best knife for cutting meat is one of the most important tools in every kitchen. Whether you are cooking once in a week or every day, you still need this helpful gadget. The right meat knife is designed for all meat types: raw meat, cooked, or steak.

People are visual creatures, and nicely cut meat is looking much more delicious than uneven meat slices with torn edges.

Cutting with the chief knife will add a special note to your dish, your slices will be perfectly cut, thin with straight edges. 
Also, meat knives are very easy to use, very sharp, and surgically precise. Just a few cuts and you are done. You will save your time and your meat will look much more delicious with less effort.

Choosing the right knife is not an easy task, because the market is filled with tons of different knives and some of them are low quality or aren’t suited for cutting raw meat. In this article, we reviewed the best 5 knives for cutting meat. We hope this article will help you with picking the appropriate one for you.

Zelite carving knife-the best knife for cutting meat

This is a multipurpose kitchen knife. It is perfect to cut flimsy cuts of meat, including steak, poultry, fish, broils, hams, thanksgiving turkey, and other large cooked & BBQ meats. Zelite is the best knife for cutting meat in its class and can make precisely thin slices of vegetables and fruits. Flimsy exact cuts giving you a total feeling of fulfillment.

This knife has a forged round black handle, which makes it ideal for chefs selected school stip cutting style. In addition, it has a 15 degrees angle of the side which makes it extra sharp to cut all types of food. You can take your culinary skills to the next level with this perfect cook’s slicer knife.

This carving knife is packed in a good looking package that makes it perfect as a gift for people who like to have an appropriate knife in their kitchen. Also, it has a cashback warrant!
Suited for professional and family cooks.

Japanese carving knife with decorated blade, the best knife for cutting meat

When choosing the best knife for cutting meat, you should always consider the Japanese Sedge Slicing knife. Thoroughly refined by the expert’s craftsman using the traditional 3-step Honbazuke method, the extremely sharp scalpel-like edge is hand-completed at 8-12° per side. Traditional craftsmanship and innovative technologies are combined to produce the first-class military G10 handle. This meat knife is riveted to the forged full tang to give extra strength and durability, adorned with infinity classic 3 metal mosaic rivet tastefully. A secure and comfortable grip is ensured by ergonomically designed handles.

It is imported from Japan and provides long-lasting performance with maximum sharpness. The knife is clad with high carbon steel to enhance strength and durability by using the ancient Samurai technique which creates a beautiful and unique Damascus pattern that not only gives it a noble look but also offers elegance and high performance.

The first try is risk-free because of a 100% money-back guarantee.

Wusthof Gourmet carving knife 8 inches, the best knife for cutting meat

This is an excellent knife for slicing anything from fruits to roast beef. The gourmet carving knife is a versatile and sharp, moderately priced German line form Wustof. The Wustof carving knife is made in Solingen, Germany which is the home of Wustof since 1814.

The gourmet blades are precise and cut by laser from high carbon sheets and stain-resistant steel, which results in a lightweight and amazingly thin blade profile. It comfortably fits into the hand because of its black composite shape.

Brilliant and reasonable gifts are produced by Gourmet series knives for any cooking devotee. The knife which is an 8-inch slicing knife is safe for dishwasher and is covered by a lifetime warranty

Henckels Professional S carving knife, the best knife for cutting meat

Professional “S” are classic chef knives, suited for cutting raw meat as well as cooked meat or steak. These meat knives are made of proprietary special formula steel that is being perfected for more than 280 years. The Fridour blades are sharper and harder, in combination with Zwilling’s signature ice-hardening technique, they won’t stain or chip, and their sharpness is retained for a longer time.

The laser-controlled edge of the knife is incredibly sharp which is honed and hand-finished by the expert artisans. The right balance is provided by the sturdy bolster which acts as a finger guard. It is worth mentioning that this meat knife provides optimum balance and secure handling. The quality and tradition are trusted by professional chefs worldwide.

Professional “S” meat knife cuts precise slices of meat without tearing or shredding it. Henckels’s Sinter Metal Component Technology is used to weld bolster, blade, and tang as one piece of metal which allocates right quantities of metal to each part of the knife. As a result, a long-lasting edge and a more consistent angle on the blade is formed. The ice-hardening process strengthens it and protects it from discoloration.

Henckels Professional “S” carving knife is covered by a lifetime warranty.

Wusthof Classic, the best knife for cutting meat

Wusthof’s Classic best knife for cutting meat and carving fork have a new handle design that is made up of a durable synthetic material (Polyoxymethylene) and it has a tight molecular structure that resists discoloration.

Wusthof Classic meat knife has a longer and narrower blade than a normal cook’s knife, which allows you to cut the meat cleanly. The pointed tip is specially designed to help to separate meat from the bone more easily.

Wusthof carving set has a pair of hollow edged carving knife that slices through meat easily and carving fork for serving and steadying the meat during slicing.

Wusthof Classic meat knife is designed after consulting the professional chefs. The hollow edge is crafted with uniformly spaced indentations that create small air pockets between the blade and the food. These small air pockets moderately push food off the blade and reduce drag and fiction. The knife allows chefs to prepare a wide array of fresh produce effortlessly such as starchy vegetables including potatoes.

It should be hand-washed only.

FAQs about the knives for cutting meat

What is the best knife for cutting meat?

These are the most important factors to look for when buying the meat-cutting knife:
1. Durable material
The best knife for cutting meat is made from high-quality steel.
The blade should be thin and flexible! You want your knife to move smoothly through the meat and follow the contour of the bones.
3. Design
It must be comfortable and fit in any hand design.
4. Length of the blade
Carving knife should have a blade of minimum 9 inches length and slicing knife a blade of a minimum of 10 inches length.

Our top pick is the Wusthof Classic Carving Set, based on its quality, design, and customer reviews.  For those who are on a budget, we would strongly recommend Zelite Infinity Knife.

How to sharpen a meat carving knife?

First of all, you should have a knife made from high-quality steel as those knives hold edges longer and don’t need to be sharpened too frequently.
Frequent sharpening will wear away their edges fast and the knife will become almost useless.
Also, keep your carving knife separated from other knives and utensils if you want to ensure sharp edges for a longer time.
Sharpening is an easy process and it can be done very quickly using a honing steel, sharpener, or a whetstone:

What knives do I need?

Basically you need just 4 types of knives: chef knife, Slicing or Carving Knife, paring knife, and a serrated bread knife. Each of them is designed for different purposes and they are very useful in the kitchen.

What is a slicing knife used for?

Slicing knives are used to cut very thin slices of meat, fruits, and vegetables. They are perfect for preparing various salads and meat, but not ideal for peeling or mincing.

What is a chef’s knife used for?

Chef’s knife is a multipurpose knife that is used in 90% of kitchen tasks. A chef’s knife (also called a French knife) is specially designed for cutting meat, vegetables, slicing, and chopping herbs. But it is not suited for cutting bread, peeling, or cleaving meat bones.

How to use a chef knife?

Learn proper way how to use a chef’s knife: